You get out what you put in Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com Sun, 19 Nov 2017 22:39:37 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Fri, Nov 17, 2017 <p>Sun - run to homestead, felt good, like I wanted to run faster, enjoying racing pace, tacked on loop around &quot;newer&quot; homes, 3.5m<br /> Mon - from Kearns JRP to Hunter to Mt View Corridor path, uphill S w Jo, wonderful exploratory run, 1 hr, 6 m;<br /> Tue - short workout w B, run discing before work, 2m; ball guarded baldy, fouled him a few times but also got my hands on the ball, overly guarded quick cutter-guard, letting him get spacing for 3s, lost every game but played well, losing close ones, 1.5m<br /> Wed - hike w B Olympus rock then parallel to outcropping, discovered open storm drain, 1.5m<br /> Thu - ran w Draco canal to Bible Baptist, saw red-shirted revivalist who saw later in store, on the return against the wind dragging Draco, 3m; ball good, 4 on 4 half court had a good team but lost to slow white guy shooting lights out, had young skinny son who could almost dunk; for full court guarded by young overseer who gets in my head, can&#39;t outmuscle his short squattiness, find myself forcing up shots, played a little better posting up but forced some 3s, still need to fill out the &quot;go-to-scorer/shooter&quot; role; 1.5m feeling better, not so sore after ball anymore<br /> Fri - rain, almost sleet all day, really wanted to run, getting to where I feel different if I don&#39;t run that day</p> Fri, 17 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Nov 11, 2017 <p>A little trouble figuring where the packets were and what the course was but beautiful course. Loop back thru forest trail to far side disc golf course (there&#39;s a pond in there) thru parking lot, field, onto track under stands thru forest trail and around again then home. Don&#39;t really remember all the details, which means I was zoned in but passed a few in the first mile til I caught my 10 year old female nemesis running with her dad. After that things seemed to stay the same, we passed a few, who would then speed up to pass again, but then when consistent pace would bypass them again they&#39;d concede. Girl&#39;s dad was encouraging her to break 20. One guy had the courage to stay with us. On the 2nd loop we put distance on all behind, I was preparing for a sprint to outkick a pre-teen girl. I loved the forest trail, and probably was faster on the hard but the grass is my friend. Probably because it feels easier to run on and being less consistent doesn&#39;t feel like one is pushing so much.<br /> <br /> There&#39;s a point in every race where you give up, give out or give on. I started to get that dead leg feeling in the last mile. As Nate says, &quot;Hitting the line and not knowing how long you can keep it.&quot; I fazed out a little by the bleachers getting Phin to watch us, and was 20 yards behind future female state champ, I felt like I picked it up thru the forest and around on the grass, and did have a sprint in that left me gasping and grasping my knees, but 10 year old Shalane Flanagan still won. (Shout out to NY marathon winner.)<br /> <br /> All in all good race on a cross country course. This lets me know I&#39;m in decent shape. There&#39;s two more levels to my best shape but I&#39;m not sure I&#39;ll run a PR in a 5K, but there are still so many levels where I can push myself more.<br /> <br /> May the God of all comfort give grace to you as you trust in Him.</p> Sat, 11 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Fri, Nov 10, 2017 <p>Wed - After Tracy Aviary, ran 2 laps around Liberty with Jo. Felt hard (2-4 hrs sleep) especially on the 2nd lap, is that really only 3 miles? too tired to ball and all&#39;s well<br /> Thu - running w Nate 30 minutes canal, cemetary, canal, streets, canal road, Nate was taking it easy, I was somewhat tempo; some running at Roots after couch delivery; ball that evening was short, warmed up for a game, then played one where we lost closely, I missed the first two on the hard rim, then played well, guarded by smart, fast guard, he&#39;s only going to get better but he&#39;s a little inexperienced, last game to 21 I fell back once but used my wiles to score some points, we closely won, 1.5m<br /> Fri - shakeout discing, met helicoptor pilot</p> Fri, 10 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Tue, Nov 07, 2017 <p>Fri - disc? w/ B, why does the past roll into nothingness? workout with B, calisthenics, then running while discing? hurt right foot on a squat, nerve ring around ankle and top of foot; 1m<br /> Sat - went to Roots watching how far I still need to go to improve my distance, one guy told me 40% core, 60% timing; ran two loops around the g/c, intermittent, 2m<br /> Sun - stomach hurt after bad something, Subway meatball/everything sandwich didn&#39;t help; didn&#39;t want to run but pushed Jo to &#39;stead on a straight shot but tacked on newer hoods for a loop, pushed the pace at the last, felt good. 3m<br /> Mon - felt sick, burps like egg, P too. Worked, no running.<br /> <br /> Tue - disced and ran home, feeling good, looking forward to Springville race, 2m;<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; Ball was good on my end, we won first game, then had a spate of quick losses (7 points is just too quick). I missed two mid-range that could hv won one game, zone defense doesn&#39;t always give chance to shine, need to show I can play the point, younger kid was good, but I felt like when I let others keep pushing the offense without taking my own chances we&#39;re less effective, 1.5; on the good side the quick short games made it easier on my legs the next day, even with little sleep, tho a combo of tapering and rest<br /> &nbsp;</p> Tue, 07 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Thu, Nov 02, 2017 <p>Run from Jordan Hospital after J&#39;s check-up. Directly W to JRP trails, chatted with an older guy who said his wife signed him up for a fundrace for a nursing home. Bridge off to T-ville High, walked thru alma mater, locker room, main hallway, Doc Jensen still there! Out neighborhood along 53rd. Felt heavy on the straight shot home, only 4 hrs sleep, 1hr? 6.5 m<br /> <br /> Ball that night was hard. Legs sore, inner thighs, didn&#39;t shootaround w/u. Missed jumpers, post-ups, lay-ups, guarded by Wei-bei, short, stocky, immovable, holds; we won 3 games (2 and 3 to 15--real basketball, the Asians get it right!) then lost. My guarding tall shooter was bad when I helped out too much and he got open shots.</p> Thu, 02 Nov 2017 06:00:00 Wed, Nov 01, 2017 <p>Sun - some disc before dinner, 1m<br /> Mon - travel hike with Jo on back at Alta Canyon base to waning pond, mucked up my running shoes on far side bog, bought 2 new pair at Wasatch, 3m<br /> Tue - 2 miles down canal road and back before Halloween gallivanting, around neighborhood to apts and back<br /> Wed - cathartic jog past place of no return, S Jordan H house, Barney&#39;s wash trail, around CHHS, jump in middle school to end, 45 min, 4.5 m; ball near Nate&#39;s, guarded slasher and got my hand on the ball, made 3 points first game, fake and short shot, &quot;2&quot;, we won one 11-3, then lost to 21 on 4 straight &quot;2s&quot;. Perhaps need to be more selfish to get better presence, passed well, but also sometimes too much. be like Stockton, pass when it&#39;s a direct assist, not just because the pass can be made. 1.5m</p> Wed, 01 Nov 2017 06:00:00 Sat, Oct 28, 2017 <p>Sun - run w Jo to homestead by Zoggs, BJH, old Aznoe&#39;s, nostalgia, enjoyment, 4.5m<br /> Mon - w B JRP from old Mark Twain park S on trails while B walked Jo, ran to bridge by dogpark, back along river, weed trashing to around grass field, 45m, 4.5m<br /> Tue - morning walk to school, w Jo around school neighborhood, shakeout, 15m, 2m<br /> <br /> Ball really good, on 70th, lost first game, but then went on a run of 6 straight wins, w mustached baller, street baller, fundamentals leader, and bald old school hustler. I made some shots, played up top in zone, watched bald guy post up monstrously, mustache make long 3s and hustle shots, best ball since I won every game up on 30th E for the last time.<br /> 2m<br /> <br /> Wed - 10 min shakeout b4 work, long receiving day at work, biked to disc in evening, crowded doubles, played like a maverick. I&#39;m a disc golfer, not a disc waiter. At near Nate&#39;s ward made some mid-range jumpers, but we lost cuz our guy stopped guarding the white legging&#39;d 3 shooter/crazy finisher. I&#39;m honestly not sure I&#39;ve seen a better power slasher. 1.5m<br /> <br /> Th - ran around asphalt near police station, but better to run on grace hills out front, 2.5m<br /> &nbsp; no ball, Debra&#39;s phone got stolen and customer wallet, probably good, have to pace myself<br /> <br /> Fri - w Nate from 70th S Canal, down one loop, thru neighborhoods, grabbing other Jordan canal beyond W Jordan park, then back. Chatting, good, 50m 7.5<br /> <br /> Sat - w/u around T-ville astroturf, then 3 400s at 6min pace, crisp pace for me?, then jumped in while Nate did 3K in 9:25, ran 200s w him, 5 reps, then waited/walked 50 yards while he exerted himself. I&#39;m not sure I&#39;ve ever pushed myself as hard as he does in a workout, one last 100, then some footwork stuff. 2300 meters plus 1.5 m<br /> In Galaxy 5 shoes</p> Sat, 28 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Thu, Oct 19, 2017 <p>Tue - Disced w Jo after work, he lost the purple plastic ball, everquest for perfect distance throw, ran from 17 to N exit thru thorn hell, then to dead end. 2m Constraining verse memory work from P, comforting piano and minivan drive. Better ball at 70th, didn&#39;t score much, one fast break in front, played zone and seemed like lots of points scored on my side, covering elbow, wing and baseline, 2 passes gets an opening every time. One guy was unconscious, making all 8 footers. Won one well, but mustachioed guy drained a long 3 on my side to end the nite. 2m</p> <p>Wed - Biked with B in the morning, nice neighborhoods near 3200 W, 5m Watched the State X-country at Sugarhouse, 5A &amp; 6A. With P at first, watched a lady almost jump in front of the lead runners around a pine tree at the 1/2 mile, eventual winner Aiden Troutner was disgusted. Did my usual sprint across park, course has changed a little, they don&#39;t go back around pond to the finish; got my finish spot and watched one guy really languish, unable to even walk to the finish from 25 meters out. Dropped off P at playground, watched the 6A start out too fast, talked to a Northridge coach--he told his guys to go 75 first quarter, sounds too fast, especially up a hill at start.</p> <p>Fremont guy sprinted in past Lone Peak to win by a second. One guy was carrying his teammate, pretty sure he was told by a woman rep that that wasn&#39;t allowed. Really impressed with Carson Clinger for running his region easier and scoring well at state, and for Dylan Tidwell, Bingham. Saw him at Valley Invite and was impressed then, working his way through pack. I could swear he was 40th early on and finished 7th, my $&#39;s on him for next year. Talked to Jared Ward near playground about Batty and Jared Bienline. Both Batty and Ward were 2nd at State. Ran a few hills going back with P. A little stiff at nite but took Draco for a loop with Jo. 2.5m</p> <p>Th - Ran from open dirt field near Mayhome. Took my yellow rubber disc and enjoyed throwing it as I ran, which means I paused a lot, went thru a barbed wire fence more than once, Frito lay, NAC, really have to anheiser that disc to fly straight. 3.5m Then loop with Draco and B, not really fun trying to manhandle him so much, 2 sprints to try to tire him. Need to rollerblade w him but he could pull me right over. Ball on 13th, came a little late, played in warmup pants, posted up against Jacob and have to alter shot to get it over him, one beautiful layup that never was, had good teams but lost every game to tall guy and Jacob(?) A quick 3 games 1.5m</p> Thu, 19 Oct 2017 06:00:00